With a contract, we would be happy to help you to use the yearbook as a small fundraiser.  Although we cannot guarantee our yearbook prices from year to year, our average cost to the school is $15 less per book than the current cost, thus, saving the school and parents money.  On top of this savings, the school would have the opportunity to make up to $10 per yearbook sold, or pass the savings onto their families.

As stated in the previous paragraph, Fresco Portraits would sell the yearbooks to the school at a discounted rate.  If the school would rather pass the savings to the parents, or split the savings with the parents, that choice would be that of the schools. 

By August, we will set the yearly deadline for the yearbook, which will be released in May.  If Fresco Portraits does both your portraits and your yearbook, we will be able to better manage and produce the yearbook.  By December, all pages should be complete except for those waiting on events.  The book can be submitted by mid February with no problems.  All deadlines will be custom set between the yearbook coordinator and Fresco Portraits. Fresco Portraits also offers supplemental pages so that no one is left out. Events taking place after the deadline can be added to the yearbook as a supplemental page for an additional cost.

What we offer:
PIMS Cd for Office and Yearbook Staff
Staff and Student ID Badges or Cards
All Staff Portrait at the location of your choice with a digital file or printed copies
Child Find Cards and file stickers
Yearbook student and Staff Portraits
Average of 20 seconds per person on portrait day
Remaining senior portraits and retake day in January to include new students from the spring semester
Private training day for your yearbook staff and students at Savant Studios
Personalized theme yearbook
Senior Salute Design Services
Supplemental pages to include events after the yearbook deadline
Architectural and commercial photography of the schools

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