Take a look at out work and let us know what we can do to photography you!

At Fresco Portraits, we love to work with school children of all ages! We pride ourselves in offering a classic and unique looks for our students.
Child Development Centers and Preschools
We photograph newborns up to preschool age children at daycares across Lubbock and beyond!
Senior year is an unforgettable one. Let Fresco Portraits capture it for your students.
We know that having an exceptional experience and superior product is important. At Fresco Portraits you get both!
Fresco Portraits provides individual and team portraits and posters. We provide classic posed portraits as well as more modern artwork pieces. We serve athletic groups in both the school and community setting! Everything from football to ballet, drill team to karate; we'd love to serve you!
When was the last time your church or organization updated their directory? We recommend every 3 years. Let us take care of your church or business!
High Volume
Fresco Portraits want to make it easy for your organizations to get your professional head shots! We will be attending conferences and conventions throughout the US to offer High Volume Portraits for businesses and companies.
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